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My name is Kellie Graebner, I am a home-made and home-based screen printer. I guess I could be considered as a "one-woman-show". I do everything in the biz from the graphic designing, to the screen printing... to the emails, social media, website design and maintenance, blogging/vlogging, packaging & mailing off orders, etc. But I cannot get enough...I love my biz! I love all the menial tasks that go into it just as much as the fun stuff like designing and screen printing. And I am so grateful for the interaction with you. 

I'm a military brat, so grateful to have grown up in the 80's and 90's. I was born at Edwards AFB, California and have spent most of my time living in Florida, California, and New Mexico. My hubs Kurt is retired USMC EOD and while occasionally modeling for my online store (begrudgingly) he helps me with design ideas and business management/planning. My bull terriers, Homer (RIP buddy), Hera, and Halo spend most of their days chilling with me in my studio. 

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Silkies!!! aka Ranger Panties is our main garment I screen print on. I do custom orders and print our own designs, which are mainly 'Merica, military, and pop culture themed. 



I run my studio and office out of our home in Niceville, Florida. Growing up, both of my parents were in the Air Force so we lived in NW Florida off and on since I was a young kid. I grew up here, I died here (yeah but I'm back so watch-out haha!), I met my hubs here, I love the culture here, and 'dem beaches are quite nice! This place holds a certain magic for me. I love the Florida Emerald Coast

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In 2015, we packed up our family (2 extra special bull terriers, Homer and Hera) and moved back to my hometown of Niceville, Florida. I was in "prove it" mode and took on every screen printing job I could to gain experience and get myself out there. Within those endeavors, I started our sister site, where I screen print EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) themed designs on a plethora of garments. I started doing some work with the EOD Warrior Foundation which led to one of my most cherished relationships with CrabZone, whereupon I sell some of our merch at their store in Palm Plaza, Niceville, FL. 

My work with the EODWF & CrabZone synchronistically led me to start screen printing on silkies (aka Ranger Panties). I don't know why, but I was hooked. I loved screen printing on these skimpy yet classy, beautiful, silky smooth, shorts. Seriously if you have never worn a pair, do yourself a favor and start living by owning some (hahaa!).

I continued to challenge myself with screen printing on silkies. They're not the easiest garment to print on because they're made of very shiny, silky 100% nylon material....that burns very easily!! So doing more than 1 ink color is not easy. But easy things aren't always the best, right? 

From 2016 - now, I've been running my store which I plan to keep doing, but I had a burning desire to focus on silkies, screen printing with silicone inks, and having a place to explore designs related to things that also matter to me...Freedom, 'Merica, and fun!


I started screen printed back in 2015 when I lived in Oceanside, CA where my hubs was a US Marine based at Camp Pendleton. He was deployed, we were slated to PCS (move) to Florida when he got back, and I had the glorious and most appreciated opportunity to start a business and give it a go. I had a year's worth of moolah saved up to support me while I gave it my all.



To make a very long story short, I "stumbled" into screen printing back in 2014, watched every screen printing and graphic design video that I could find on YouTube, signed up for a screen printing course up in L.A., taught myself Adobe Illustrator, and started screen printing with my Bull Terriers out of our spare bedroom in O'side, and haven't looked back.