Setting Up Your Custom Silkies Orders

Hello there! Thank you for considering me to make your custom silkies. Below is a general pricing list and some information on the process for custom silkies. If everything meets your liking and you'd like to continue, please email the following to me at . Feel free to copy and past the below and tailor it to your order. Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you!

Email Subject Line: Custom Silkies (Your last name or company name)
Email Body:  Please let me know the following to get the ball rollin':
-->Do you have your design already? If not, send me a description of what you're wanting. 
-->If you have your design, is it in a vector file format? (ie: Adobe Illustrator). Vector files are the art format needed for screen printing. 
-->If you have your design, please attach the file to your email (I'm not going to steal it or share it w/ anyone. Scout's Honor ;)

    Silkies Info: Just give me an idea of how many you're wanting. You don't need to send me specific sizes and quantities yet. What color(s) silkies do you want? 
      Ink Color(s): Let me know which ink color(s) you want for the print. My limit is 5 ink colors (per the size of my screen printing press). It is more $ the more ink colors you get so if you wanted to reduce the ink colors, let me know and we'll work some magic so your design still looks badass on the silkies. 
        Due Date: My typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from the date payment is received. If you need the silkies sooner than this, let me know. 
          Misc.: Anything else you want me to know about your order, or any questions you have put here.

              Here is our General Pricing Sheet for Custom Silkies Orders:

              BombBullie Custom Silkies Order General Pricing Chart

              Check out our FAQ's page for Silkies Custom Orders HERE.